Coaching to explore the possibilities, make big changes, and level-up to a career and a life you love.

No matter the industry you currently work in – or the industry you want to break into – one truth is universal. When you raise the standards you have for yourself, your strengths rise to meet you there.

I help you analyze those strengths, celebrate your unique assets, and take actionable steps toward deliberate change, so that you can position yourself to step into the most successful version of yourself.

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Gallup StrengthsFinder

I offer a personalized Gallup StrengthsFinder experience aimed at providing a depth of self-awareness and intelligent career direction.

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Individual Career Coaching

When you know your strengths, you rise to the top. My coaching gives you access to your own capacity to lead, serve, and own your talents.

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Group Workshops & Retreats

Half-day intensives, customized to provide managers and their teams with a look at their Gallup strengths, individually and collectively

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Create Your Custom Networking Action Plan

Steps to uncover your “secret sauce” and networking action plan to crack the hidden job market.

Hi, I’m Sharri Harmel.

For the past 25 years, I’ve helped ambitious professionals at the crossroads of their career path align their natural strengths with positions that offer greater fulfillment, higher pay, and bigger challenges. 

Whether you’re moving up or transitioning out of your current role, I’m here to support you through the bold risks that lead to big time success.

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