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“When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.” ― Brene Brown

Sharri Harmel

I was born a creative thinker, a problem-solver and a doer - all wonderful gifts when you grow up in a crazy household and truly valuable throughout my life.

My first business was born when I was about 7 years old. I discovered grocery stores gave you money for coupons and you didn’t even have to buy the products! I simply had to collect the coupons, bring them to the grocery store, and I made money!

I loved business from day one. I didn’t stop even when I had to shut down my coupon clipping business when the food companies quickly realized their mistake, and changed the rules, so you had to buy the products to use the coupons. I was on to my next venture.

A young Sharri Harmel, entrepreneur.

I became a newspaper girl. Those were the days when you delivered AND collected, and you needed to keep your money and clients organized. I was so proud of myself because I actually had a checking account! I learned a LOT from my mistakes. When I was 14, I got hired to work the counter in my neighborhood grocery store. I was underage but the owner Mrs. Dennison had known me since I was a young child and gave me a chance. Plus she knew I liked to work.

By age 15, I was in charge of all the candy ordering, inventory tracking and displays. I was sure this was a huge part of their business (it wasn’t) but I took my responsibilities very seriously. I loved tracking the best sellers, trying out new candies, and learning if shelf location mattered. During slow times in the evenings, I’d reorganize entire sections of the store.

I constantly explored how I could improve the sales by making things attractive for the customers I had come to love. The store was always filled with neighborhood parents in a rush for last minute item and kids wanting to buy candy. I learned so much from Mrs. Dennison. She was a lovely person and my very first mentor.

I share this story because it provided the basis for my subsequent career decisions and many life choices. Whether a financial advisor, launching and then running a non-profit for abused children, a mom of a child with a learning disability, an advisor to the CEO of a large private company or a career counselor for university students, I always worked to clarify the problem, and explore possible outcomes.

I was prototyping before it was a word used outside of engineering.

I loved helping my clients, family and friends go through their decision-making process and move forward in a positive direction.

I’m no different from you. Our strengths almost always show up when we are very young. Mine have always been to help people tap into creative ideas and solutions, followed by strategic action with a clear view into the future. That is why I’m a coach.

Let’s explore your story and get started on taking your career to the next level.

Degrees:M.A. Counseling, B.S. Business
Certifications:Design Your Life Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach, and Myers-Briggs (MBTI)Coach
Training:Co-Active Coach Training (CTI) and The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching

Based in Boston, Massachusetts and Minneapolis, Minnesota. I work with clients globally via phone, Zoom, and in-person.

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A Business Coach, certified in Designing Your Life and Gallup Clifton Strengths, helping individuals to gain clarity, take action, and find fulfillment in their careers and life.