A futurist firmly rooted in the here and now.

Sharri Harmel understands the complexities of today’s working world. She also believes that many of the positions her clients will hold in the coming years may not even exist yet.

Her number-one goal with clients is to help them identify their strengths and build career capital so that they succeed with their short-term goals and are pointed in a direction that that will help them in all the jobs or careers to follow.

It’s a philosophy that Sharri came to via her own career path. She has worked in finance, education, nonprofits, and in the counseling industry. She’s founded start-ups and consulted on high-level corporate initiatives from executive board selection, management succession planning, and more.

As a career counselor in the academic world, she has coached undergraduate and graduate students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tufts University, University of Central Florida, and Rollins College, helping them navigate internships, and post-graduation employment opportunities. In her own practice, Sharri works with young adults and mid-career professionals looking to define and refine their career paths.

Sharri holds an MA in counseling from Rollins College, where she focused on career counseling, and a BS in business from the University of Minnesota. She completed extensive coaching training through the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching and is certified in several skill and interest inventory tools that she uses, along with her counseling skills, to help clients chart a career course that maximizes their unique abilities, interests, and experience.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Sharri works with clients both locally and nationwide in person and via phone and Skype sessions.