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Meet Sharri Harmel

I’m Sharri Harmel,
career coach for Millennial professionals seeking support in the midst of leveling up, transitioning out, or pivoting into new career paths.


As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I closely work with my clients to uncover and explore their unique qualities before finding the voice to talk about them in a way that helps them pursue professions they’re most highly positioned to succeed at. For 25 years, I’ve helped clients, most recently Millennials, across a broad range of industries – from engineers to project managers, financial services advisors to pharmaceutical professionals – understand how to continually identify, improve upon, and invest in their strengths to become better leaders and communicators. My coaching style is warm and welcoming, offering constant feedback and clear insight that helps clients advance in the direction of their goals to achieve a fulfilling personal and professional life.

Like my clients, my own professional journey, though non-linear, has led me to careers where my strengths were given the opportunity to expand and evolve. I began my career in the analytical field of financial services where I advised retail clients in a broad array of financial products. I later took my analytical expertise into the non-profit world, where I led a startup as it scaled from vision to expansion in four years, planning for long term vision and viability while also helping the organization build arts-centered programming for children and families. After a number of years of coaching, I spent 4+ years in higher education offering one-on-one career coaching to undergraduates through Ph.D. students, as well as workshops, programming, and webinars within a highly structured university system. Always a leader and project manager, I chose to re-establish my private career coaching & consulting business

For over 20+ years, I served as an advisor to the top leader of a $1.2 billion dollar privately held company. In this role, I was instrumental in structuring a corporate giving program, establishing what has now become an important element of the company’s culture, as well as a tool for recruiting, acquiring, and retaining top talent. My time in this role has provided me with valuable knowledge and experience that I now use to help Millennial clients navigate the complexities of the corporate realm. 

I studied business, finance and marketing at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and later went on to earn my Master of Arts at Rollins College where I studied Mental Health Counseling. I used Strengths Finder for years in my coaching work and later, I became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, applying my education and experience to help young professionals do their best work using their strongest assets.

My passion lies in using my combination of strengths to help Millennials discover their own. A future-forward strategic thinker that thrives on transforming goals into action, my own strength lies in seeing the big picture and the process of change that takes place to move goals into actionable next steps. I help my clients not only find their strengths through tools built for deeper self-awareness, but also handle the complexities of the modern workplace. During our coaching sessions, I provide clients with support to find and keep jobs they love, navigate the daily stresses that keep success just out of reach, and balance personal and professional goals to achieve a life of fulfillment. 

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