The work world is changing almost as fast as your iPhone needs updating. As startups spring up, companies we used to think of as invincible struggle to be nimble. As new job titles are invented, traditional ones are suddenly obsolete. No generation before this has ever had to contend with such a dramatic pace of change and so many obstacles to career trajectory. It can be dizzying for anyone trying to find the right next role.

Like iPhone updates, technology is driving a lot of that change. It’s enabling us to better connect with people and information in our everyday lives—not to mention getting anything under the sun delivered to our door overnight. But technology is also making it easy for hundreds, even thousands of people just like you to apply for one single job.

Technology opens up the playing field to fierce competition in the form of sheer numbers, but it can also create other barriers to success for you. Companies overwhelmed with applicants often put automated applicant tracking systems in place to weed through mountains of resume data. If you don’t use the right keywords, or satisfy some obscure algorithm, your application might never make it on front of a real, live person who could see you for who you really are: the best fit for the job.