Is Design Your Life MidLife & Beyond right for you?

  • Thinking of starting a business after raising your children or following an “involuntary retirement from a traditional career?
  • Contemplating re-entering the workforce after a long break but want a completely new career path?
  • Planning an end date for your long-term career and uncertain of what’s next but have folders filled with ideas?
  • Yearning for something more after trying out “retirement” and feeling bored?

As one of the very first Certified Designing Your Life Coaches, I specifically work with women who are designing their next life plan- whether re-entering the workplace after time off, interesting in launching a business or planning that non-retirement stage, my coaching takes you from “stuck” to action.

Using the highly successful process created by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans at Stanford University’s, we’ll apply design principles to prototype your way through possibilities, identify strengths, check in what roles align with your Lifeview, and create a plan.

Through coaching we will:

  • Challenge dysfunctional beliefs and ungrounded fears that you might hold for this stage of your life.
  • Assess the roles you’ve had in the past and determine what you need in your next role to be challenged and appreciated.
  • Explore your next stage ideas, using DYL prototyping methods to build knowledge on role fit and interest.
  • Deepen your decision-making process, exploring impact and engagement alignment with values.
  • Conclude with developing your own action plan for this next life stage.

Engaging in Design Your MidLife coaching makes the difference. Design always takes a team. You’ll create a life design that excites you and moves your happiness meter upwards. As women, we are living longer. There isn’t a set point when we should sit back and consume experiences rather than actively contribute to the world around us. Our talents and strengths don’t turn off when we reach a certain milestone. Happiness is generated when we use those strengths to contribute to the community around us and engage in roles that energize and excite us.

Both one-to-one coaching and small group workshops are available.