Gallup StrengthsFinder

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I work with individuals and groups over the course of several sessions to discover their unique strengths and find the voice to talk about them in a way that helps them pursue what they’re most positioned to succeed at.

Understand Your Strengths

Gallup StrengthsFinder is a personal qualitative assessment that distills your entire personality – including your beliefs, values, and behaviors – into a concentrated set of strengths that you can build upon to get ahead. Putting to work a 40-year study on human behavior, Gallup has defined a grid of 34 universal “talent themes” that millions of people have used to their advantage.

The result? Strengths-driven cultures and communities comprised of fulfilled employees who go to work everyday doing what they do best.

When clients step into and own their strengths, they experience what I can only describe as a breakthrough. They begin to speak about their experiences with a new vocabulary, using them as a positive filter for understanding why they’ve succeeded at most in the past, and why they’re naturally drawn to new challenges in the future.

Strengths become the compass of our coaching conversation, used to make goals actionable while gaining self-confidence and self-perception.

Strengths are excellence in action. Your own access to excellence starts with intimately understanding your strengths.

What’s Included

  • Online access to your StrengthsFinder assessment 
  • A 45 minute coaching conversation to explore your Top 5 results.
  • Personalized tips, advice, and resources to help you move towards your goals by focusing on your strengths.

Take Action

Building your ideal future starts by unlocking your true strengths. 

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