Group Workshops & Retreats

Engaged individuals make up effective teams that produce their best work.

Group Coaching

I help give strengths-minded managers an opportunity to build engagement, encourage teams, and retain talent. Strengths creates excellence that give your employees the tools to talk about what they’re the best at, instilling the confidence necessary for seeking out bigger challenges and solving more problems at work. Equipped and empowered to perform at their highest, employees become united team focused on excellence.

My half-day group coaching and workshop sessions are a dynamic introduction to the power of Gallup StrengthsFinder. I’ll guide employees through an assessment that translates their talents, expertise, and skills into five unique strengths, helping them put their results together to better understand themselves, use their talents to be successful,  and explore what excellence can happen when individuals partner with others who have different talents  

While some employers narrowly focus on weaknesses as performance indicators, a strengths-based approach opens up incredible opportunities for change. Focusing on weaknesses prevents failure but doesn’t lead to success. By emerging with a strengths focus, teams report powerful transformations in communication, trust, and morale, feeling more seen and heard than ever before, leading to successful project results.

Individual clarity is the most powerful indicator of a healthy work culture.

What’s Included

  • Online access to your StrengthsFinder assessment 
  • A 45 minute coaching conversation to explore your Top 5 results.
  • Personalized tips, advice, and resources to help you move towards your goals by focusing on your strengths.

Take Action

Building your ideal future starts by unlocking your true strengths. 

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