Individual Career Coaching

I coach and specialize in working with professional millennials who want to feel greater flow and freedom in their work lives by finding the sweet spot between career, calling, and opportunity.

Career Coaching Sessions

Are you eager to make a big decision in your personal life? Feeling like it’s time for a major transition in your professional life? I help Millennials on the verge of a major change distill big goals into actionable and measurable steps toward success, providing support and accountability along the way.

When you tackle life’s big transitions on your own, it’s easy to think about all the things that could go wrong, especially at work where any risk is high risk. But when you put all of your energy into focusing on the risks — not the payoffs — you open the door to decision paralysis instead of pursuing possibility. I’ll help you overcome this mode of thinking to discover and develop the skills you already possess, clarify what you need to know and do in order to move forward with confidence, and identify resources that will help you make the next stage of your career an exciting time of personal and professional flourishing.

In our career coaching sessions, we’ll continually brainstorm and examine opportunities for success, try new ways of thinking or doing, and immerse ourselves in the process all over again until you feel progress is being made. Instead of focusing on the past or dwelling on the risks that keep you stuck or ‘safe’, this process is designed to keep you moving confidently into the future by positively disrupting your usual thinking and routine methods of reaching success as you’ve always envisioned it.

I’ve helped my Millennial clients navigate work-life challenges such as:

Pivoting out of one industry and into another, or to another area within your industry.

Identifying and understanding the role of your personal values and mission in career decisions

Developing a focused plan for networking with those who can help you ascend in the direction of your goals

Negotiating for projects or responsibilities within your organization that focus on your strengths

Identifying work or projects that allow you to apply and tap into your strengths

Identifying skill gaps in your longer term goals, and creating a plan to close those gaps

Asking for and receiving feedback that can directly impact your career path

When you know your strengths, you rise to the top. Access your own capacity to lead, serve, and own your talents.

What’s Included

  • Online access to your StrengthsFinder assessment, including other assessments such as Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory when appropriate.
  • Between 1-12 45-minute coaching conversations diving deep into your values, defining your goals, and moving forward with actions using the filter of your Top 5 Strengths.
  • Personalized tips, advice, and resources to help you achieve results by more confidently owning your strengths.

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