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Sharri Harmel Stratici Life Advising
Sharri Harmel Coaching

Using Gallup Strengths, maximize your potential in life and work through greater understanding and use of your strengths.

Corporate coaching
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Understanding and using your strengths will lead you to achieve greater happiness and success in life.

Why Strengths Coaching?

What You’ll Get from our Coaching…

  • Improve Your Self Understanding- both the fabulous and not so fabulous.
  • Greater understanding of the impact of your strengths on those around you – when to moderate and when to charge full steam ahead.
  • Be more aware of the strengths of others, how you might work better together.
  • Be more effective in relationship, communication, and perception by and of others.
  • Safe and objective feedback and insight into direction, areas for improvement, while incorporating your strengths and new insights.

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A Business Coach, certified in Designing Your Life and Gallup Clifton Strengths, helping individuals to gain clarity, take action, and find fulfillment in their careers and life.