My List of Why I DO Love Fall best ~ that is when My New Year begins!

Here’s my list!

My Birthday Season! ~ Even at my age I still love my birthdays. It is a time for me to celebrate the past year, reflect on the lessons of the hard times and make plans for the upcoming year. I make a list of aspects of myself that I want to work on, activities I want to do, new exercises I want to commit to, and new directions for my business. For me, my birthday and therefore Fall, is when MY New Year begins. 

School Is In Session ~ I still love school and get jazzed when I see school supplies hit the shelves and kids in their new school uniforms. I’m checking out Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. They have locations all around the country where you can take classes, travel and find excellent book clubs. A great resource if you have recently moved. 

New Paper Calendars Arrive ~ I am a paper calendar addict. Yes, I use my online Google calendar, but I’m highly visual, so I need to see it, touch it, write on it, highlight parts, add my own emojis and more. I love to see the new calendar releases, and continually search for the perfect one even though they rarely work. Right now I use a Moleskin graph 4×7 notebook, which I use to create my own perfect customized calendar with markers and pens. It works for me because I can design it exactly how I like to see my agenda and it is super light, so it easily slips into my bag. 

The Sun is Happy and Peeking Through Leaves That Are Starting to Turn Colors ~ The fall sunshine is not as intense as the summer nor the reflection of the snowy months and feels so very happy because it is warming up the fading flowers, shrubs, and trees making the morning dew sparkle. 

Outdoor Patios Are The Best ~With cool mornings, sitting outside in the fall is so much prettier than the spring, especially in northern climates. Spring is about waiting, whereas fall is about relishing the moment. The morning air is crisp, yet perfect for a good read and a cup of coffee. I try to travel to Paris in the fall and the outdoor tables are cool, yet by the afternoon warmed by the sun. By 3:00 each day I usually end up shedding my sweater or shawl and let the sunshine on my face. We all relish the cool air before the plastic covers are dropped on the outside seating areas. 

Clothing Colors ~ Sweaters, wools and corduroy- my favorites! I look at the summer clothes sales racks and everything looks tired. Back on the racks and displays are navy blue, warm browns, yummy creams. Summer clothing is about air and lightness. Fall clothing has depth and is about coziness and warmth. 

Fun Coats ~Most of the winter, I’m in very cold climates (Minneapolis & Boston) and once winter arrives all you see are black puffy coats. In contrast, fall coats are fun, have interesting borders, cool buttons, beautiful linings. We can never have enough fall coats. 

Sweaters ~ You get to wear them and see them! They are not hidden underneath the puffy coats. Sweaters, capes, and beautiful scarves are my favorite accessories. 

Walking/ Hiking/Biking ~ It is finally cool enough to enjoy a good long walk or ride without dripping with sweat. I can even stop for a coffee after exercising. 

Paris ~I’m usually in Paris in the fall, I can think nothing better than a good long walk through the Luxemburg Jardin, or Rodin’s home and museum, or hopping on a train to Chartes or Bordeaux. The cooler temps energize me. 

Yummy Soups ~ it is time to start to think about soups and I love, love a good soup for dinner. In the fall, I pull out all my cookbooks and make a list of recipes I want to cook. Soups are healthy and provide many meals- so no daily meal planning needed. 

Fall’s Fruits and Veggies ~ Let’s hear it for pumpkin, squash, apples, pears, and figs! 

Planning for the Holidays ~ Thanksgiving is just around the corner and followed by Christmas/Hanukkah- holidays where I get to do guilt free baking and make dishes that transport me back into my grandmother’s Swedish kitchen.