It’s Almost New Years- How To Make Those Resolutions Stick!

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I’ve just moved into my 1924 home after almost a year of renovations. My builder shared with me that renovating a home is considered one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. At first, I thought, that can’t be true! Other times in my life have felt much more stress filled and chaotic. Yet, when I finally took a breath and had a day with no workmen, I realized just how ungrounded I have felt over the past year. I made loads of decisions for my “new” home, but like so many dreams, I seemed perpetually stuck in the planning phase. The good news is that home renovations usually don’t wait for us to get it together. The bad news is our life dreams usually stay stuck in the planning phase because there is no building contractor to jolt us into action. 

How do we keep moving forward so we don’t put our dreams on the shelf forever?

  1. Create structure. We have to create structure if we want to move forward. Truly, nothing happens unless we commit to a structure and schedule the time to pursue those dreams that have been circling around in your head for years.  If you are struggling with never moving from planning to building, ask yourself how much of your time is actually spent working on your dream? Without structure, nothing will ever change. 
  2. Need for Accountability.  All of us, myself included when left to our own devices have accountability issues. To make a shift, find someone who can hold you accountable. As a coach, that is one of my primary roles. My clients have action steps that they need to complete before our next coaching call, and together we identify a day they will text me to check-in on their progress.  I love these texts from my clients. Their energy and excitement can be felt in the text. My own coach requires this from me, and it feels just as amazing when I text her that I accomplished something by the agreed upon date as it does when I receive those text messages from my clients! Back to structure, we need to have scheduled meetings with our accountability partner. 
  3. Everyone needs a cheerleader. Transitions take time as we slowly adjust to the change. Our brains and emotional systems don’t easily transition regardless of what the heart wants. Whether it is a new job, a new person in your life, a new habit, a new home, or a new business, there is going to be an adjustment period. Sometimes the adjustment period is short but often, it is lengthy.  Why do we need a transitions cheerleader? The pull to the familiar is very powerful and even if the past wasn’t all that healthy or empowering, you’ll be drawn to what is comfortable.  You might even start to doubt your new choices, so your cheerleader is there to support you and encourage you to never again abandon the dream of something more. Again, as a coach, I hold my clients accountable, but my other job is to be their cheerleader. We all need someone to remind us of our progress while they put their arms in the air and say- wow, you did it!!

Recently I published my first article on LinkedIn and my coach texted me with a text of “best news!”  That made my heart sing and certainly raised my commitment to additional posts. The post can be read here:

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Author: Sharri Harmel

For over 20 years, I have coached professionals from the C-Suite to middle management and millennials to new professionals. I now coach individuals who are focused on creating something better in their next career stage and truly inspired and committed to getting started!