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Design Your Midlife & Beyond
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Design Your MidLife & Beyond will help you to go from stuck to action. You’ll leave behind any fears and uncertainties you have about your next life stage, give you the confidence to create what you desire by exploring possibilities in unique ways and finally, you’ll create a plan of action to move forward.

I love coaching women in midlife because up till now, we have typically focused on everyone’s lives but our own. We are superb creative problem solvers except when it comes to ourselves. It is now time to shift all your gifts and focus on YOU! Whether this is your second (or third) act, you need to be the CEO of your life and you need a plan to get there.

My coaching is real, authentic and forward driven. I’ve been where you are so I know all the real issues and lived with the excuses. Change is in the air and there is no better time than now to focus on your next stage.

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Let’s Design Your Life Together

Custom one to one coaching


Each coaching relationship is customized to you, so we will focus on you and your specific sticky areas.

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Group Workshops and Retreats


Workshops and small group coaching are available at various times and locations during the year.

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Individual career coaching


When you know your strengths, you rise to the top. My coaching gives you access to your own capacity to lead, serve, and own your talents.

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Sharri Harmel

Hi, I’m Sharri Harmel.

For the past 25 years, I’ve helped ambitious professionals at the crossroads of their career path align their natural strengths with positions that offer greater fulfillment, higher pay, and bigger challenges.

Now I am a coach to women like myself who are looking for something different in their next life stage and are inspired to get started!

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Two Places I Go For Inspiration in Paris

Something about Paris was calling me shortly after my divorce was final. It was to be the first of my solo traveling experiences. I added a women’s tour with the plan to make connections just in case I felt lonely. Something happened though, that was much bigger than any of my plans. In Paris, my angels visited me. Now before you decide I’ve gone off the deep end, let me just add that I’ve had conversations with my angels a few times in my life and each time, something I’ll call perspective, shifted deep within me.

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A Designing Your Life and Gallup Clifton Strengths coach, working with Midlife & Beyond Women who are ready to design their fabulous next life stage.